How improved quality of sleep can help kids with autism?

How improved quality of sleep can help kids with autism?

The childhood is the time when kids are supposed to learn many new and creative things as their memory works fast enough as compared to the elders. The kids are in a phase where every new thing appears interesting to them and they want to learn more and more information about that thing so that they can understand the functionality of that particular thing.

This craze of learning new things helps the children grow faster and become intelligent. However, there are some kids that lack this quality of learning new things and they don’t show any interest in the new things. These kids are not even interested in communicating with others as they have some confidence issues.

This lack of interest and communication leads them to several health disorders that are known as autism. These kids usually fail to achieve a good position in the school and they even face many difficulties in understanding different things. A recent study has shown that the sleeping problems are the major problem due to which these kids suffer from autism.

The sleeping problems are not only common in the elders but there are many kids that may suffer from these issues as well. Some kids suffer from sleeping problems due to the tiredness and some have some fears in their mind due to which they cannot sleep properly. The improved quality of sleep can be very helpful in preventing them from autism. Here you can take a look at how the quality of sleep can avoid autism in kids.

Usually, parents consider visiting a doctor for the solution of this problem and most of the medicines that doctor prescribes to the child are helpful in improving the sleep quality of your child. In this article, we’re going to talk about some habits that may help prevent your kids from autism.

Scary movies

The scary movies can prevent your kids from sleeping properly as they’ll see several objects flying in front of their eyes in the night. You must avoid watching such movies with your kids so that he may take a good night sleep. The scary movies can cause several issues to your child’s brain which may lead him to the sleeping problems at night and even in the morning.

The antibiotics

The antibiotics can also lead your kids to autism as once they start using antibiotics to get rid of their sleeping issues, they become addicted to those antibiotics and they can’t sleep without those antibiotics at all. You must consider using some natural ways of treating their problem so they may stay away from sleeping problems otherwise, these problems may cause some disturbance in their metal functions that may lead them to autism.

Proper sleeping equipment


The sleeping equipment may also be the major reason that may cause disturbance to the kids while sleeping. There are plenty of mattresses, beds, and pillows available that are designed for the kids only. You must consider buying the proper equipment for your kids so that they may sleep properly and their mind may feel comfortable and relaxed while sleeping. Click Here and take a look at how good quality of sleep can prevent autism in kids.

Senior Transportation

Senior Transportation

Over the last several years Douglas ARC was asked to enter into a contract to provide transportation services for the senior citizens of Douglas that participate in the noon meals, and meals on wheels program at the senior site. Douglas ARC is responsible to pick up the seniors for lunch and take them home afterwards. On Tuesday after lunch the seniors are given rides to and from medical appointments. On Thursday after they have eaten they are given rides to the local grocery stores to purchase needed items, before they are taken home.

Due to a lack of funding from the state contracts, Douglas ARC has found it necessary to broaden its funding sources. The City of Douglas and Cochise County are now co-funding this project.

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Chore Crew

Chore Crew

In 1976 Douglas ARC started a whole new adventure. For the first time the individuals that attended the day program were going out into the community and doing things. Not just to be seen, but to actually go into people’s homes and yards and do yard work. These people that society thought should be warehoused into the unknown were now working, getting paid and being taxpayers.

These people became customers to local businessmen. They became consumers who were going to the movies, buying lunches, purchasing work clothes, and even donating money into their church collection plates. Instead of being separated from Douglas they became part of Douglas

The male adults were taught how to use power equipment such as lawnmowers, string trimmers, gas blowers, rototillers, riding lawn mowers, gas sidewalk edgers, etc.
For the first time people were given control of something with power. to use something they were told they should stay away from.

Today the Douglas ARC Chore Crew receives 3-4 calls per day to perform work. By the first of May the Chore Crew has a full schedule of work through the end of October. Most of these customers are repeat customers from many years. The success of the Chore Crew encouraged the Douglas ARC to accept a contract with the City of Douglas to perform the grounds maintenance for all the low income housing for the City of Douglas. This contract is still going strong today. (over twenty five acres)

The success of the chore crew encouraged the Douglas ARC accept a contract a few years later to cook meals for the area seniors. This became a huge success and is still in existence for more than twenty years later.

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